Teaching Outline

Teaching Outline


I am excited that you are considering hosting me. I am happy to provide you with outline of the classes I currently offer. If you have something else in mind that you would like me to teach or give a talk about, we can discuss that too. I love teaching and giving my all when I do, with 20 years of experience to draw on. I am very proud of the positive feedback I get and every ‘a-ha!’ moment I can encourage from knitters of all levels of knitting experience. To maintain my love of teaching, I do not teach regularly and am selective about where I am hosted.

Our woolly world is a wonderful, friendly one, filled with generosity, skill and so many other things that make it a joy to be part of. For the vast majority of us, it is also a low-paying industry where amounts that feel significant to us are considered peanuts for professionals elsewhere. And yet, we are doing business and I am keen that my visit makes sense for all involved.

To try to help streamline our negotiation process, I’ve outlined my expectations below, based on previous experience. Please give them a good read through. They are all open for discussion and are intended as a starting point, aimed at making things clear and fair, and to save us both a significant amount of time.

Last revised
October 16, 2018

Contact time
My set classes are designed to be for 3 hours (half-day) or 6 hours (full-day). I need access to the teaching space to be available for at least 30 minutes before and after the class. I will arrive on time to set up my teaching materials. The host needs to keep the space free of students until the scheduled start time. I will leave once I have wrapped up teaching and cleared up my materials.

Number of students
My classes are designed to accommodate a maximum of 12 students. Having less than 12 students is a luxury for both students and teacher. For larger groups, special arrangements will need to be made, but in general it is not something I do in a classroom setting. I appreciate being told how many students are booked in to my class in advance, so I can be properly prepared.

Host venue
Please provide a quiet space with chairs and table access for all participants, myself included. The space needs to be tidy, ready and well lit. It needs to be big enough to accommodate the agreed number of students comfortably. I need to be able to physically get round to all the students and stand next to them, so no one should be tucked in the middle, against a wall. A white/blackboard or flipchart (or a big piece of paper of some sort) is useful. Clear access to a restroom is necessary, as I will not be able to provide elaborate directions to students during class. If evacuation procedures need to be communicated, this should be done at the start of class or in advance, by the host. Participants (and me) always appreciate refreshments.

Class handouts
All my class are supported by a class handout (in English), which I provide for each student. On occasion, it can be helpful if the host can organise the printing of handouts. Aside from emergencies, this will always be by arrangement. The offer to help with printing is always appreciated.

Class materials
Students and/or host are responsible for providing materials. I will provide the host with a clear list of materials and any homework required for each class as part of the class outline. This must be communicated to the students by the host when the student books onto the class. If there is homework, this needs to be passed on to the students at least a couple of weeks before the class date. If students book onto the class at the last minute, they should be made aware if there was any homework they may otherwise have needed to have ready. The host should be the first point of contact for students in the run up to the class.

Book and pattern sales
Where students require a specific book or pattern of mine for class, we need to clarify how these arrangements will work, such as whether they need to purchase it beforehand or can do so on the day of class. We should discuss if the cost of any required books and patterns are part of the advertised cost of the class (and my fees) or whether they will be purchased separately. Books are not considered part of my class handouts. This needs to be communicated by you to the students.

If books or pattern purchases are to be made on the day of teaching, we will need to agree in advance how we divide profits and process sales between us. If you are a wholesale stockist of my books and/or patterns, your stock will take priority for sale. If a stockist requires additional ‘emergency’ copies on the day (and I have some available with me) or teaching is happening at a festival, I will be paid in full for these copies, unless we have prearranged that these will be available at a sale or return rate (as opposed to the standard wholesale rate). It is best to arrange how many copies are needed in advance, as this needs to be calculated into luggage allowance when travel is booked or mailed in advance, if more economical or convenient.

Class fees
My class fees cover
– class contact and preparation time
– a reasonable amount of time making arrangements with the host and assistance with publicity
– creation of teaching materials
– preparation of handouts
– travel time up to 1.5 hours each way

3-hour class – £180 up to 6 students, £225 up to 12 students
6-hour class – £330 up to 6 students, £420 up to 12 students

(For classes confirmed before 16.10.18, these rates were £175 for up to 12 students for 3 hours, and £330 for up to 12 students for 6 hours.)

If you pay more as your standard rate for teachers, wonderful! I will gladly accept whatever you usually offer and congratulate you on helping to raise the bar and respect for our profession and woolly world!

For a retreat or other residential event, we should discuss how to make the increased contact time viable.

If I am travelling longer than 2 hours one-way to reach the venue, I ask that you book me for at least two 3-hour classes, or a 6-hour class per day of teaching. If significant travel time is involved, I will generally require a minimum of two full days worth of pay.

For classes being hosted at venues that require more than 2 hours travel one-way or if host requires additional planning time, a way to compensate for this should be offered and is greatly appreciated.

Travel expenses and arrangements
As host, you are responsible for my travel expenses.

Within London, I try to travel by bicycle or public transport, during normal TFL running hours. If for some reason, as car service is required, this will be billed to the host. Outside of London or after hours, the host is responsible for covering all travel expenses door-to-door, for the round trip. I am happy to travel with economy in mind, as long as it is convenient and safe.

I prefer to arrange my own travel, but appreciate tips on ease and convenience of transport in your area. You can either trust me to find an ace deal for travel (something I think I’m good at) and then you reimburse me for that once I’ve booked it or we work out a travel budget and I work within that. The travel budget will need to be adjusted depending on the latest agreed cancellation time for the host.

Travel arrangements made for me need to be made in conversation with me.

I do not know how to drive!

If teaching is happening as part of a tour, a fair way to share the travel costs between the hosts will be arranged.

Occasionally, by special arrangement, I can advance travel costs, so they can be reimbursed at the same time as the teaching invoice. If you need me to send separate teaching and travel/accommodation invoices, please let me know when contract is being negotiated. If you require receipts or specific forms to be completed, this must also be advised beforehand, during contract negotiation.

Citizenship and Visas
I am resident in the UK. I hold a Dutch and United States of America passport. I do not currently have a British passport, but am a British citizen by birth. Where a visa is necessary, the cost of this is the responsibility of the host and assistance in completing the process is appreciated.

If an overnight is required, conveniently located accommodation needs to be provided (or the budget for me to arrange it myself ) that is clean, safe, comfortable and wifi connected. Accommodation needs to be big enough to accommodate a second person of my choosing. Generally, I only stay in private homes/shared accommodation, if the hosts/housemates are already good friends.

Length of stay required
Depending on travel and contact time, you, as host, are responsible for my accommodation.

Based on one day of contact time and the time it takes to travel door-to-door, one way to venue. If contact time happens on multiple days, this will affect the length of stay in accommodation required. As guidance, in relation to travel time:
Up to 2 hours – no accommodation required.
2-3 hours – 1 night minimum: before or after teaching, depending on timing, plus any nights between teaching days.
3-6 hours – 2 night minimum: one before, one after teaching, plus any nights between teaching days.
6-10 hours – 3 night minimum: two before, one after teaching, plus any nights between teaching days.
Over 10 hours – 4 night minimum: spread as fits schedule, with at least two before teaching and one after, plus any nights between teaching days.

Where air travel is involved, airlines advise being at the airport a minimum of 2 hours in advance. It takes me between 1.5 and 2 hours to get to the different London airports. This should be factored into the door-to-door travel time, along with the length of time to transit the airport, collect luggage and get from the airport to the venue on the other side.

Breaks and Food
I need a break in a private space or the ability to leave the venue for at least 1 hour between 3-hour classes or in the middle of a full-day class. Lunch or the budget and time to go get it is required. Where overnight stays are involved, a food budget is much appreciated.

I have Public Liability Insurance to cover my teaching and creative practice. I always take out a travel insurance policy to cover emergency healthcare outside of Europe. Within Europe I am covered by reciprocal agreements for healthcare.

To make it viable for me to travel long distances and for you to host me, it can make sense to find multiple teaching options in the vicinity within the same time frame. If this is the case, I will make sure that the hosts share the overall travel costs fairly. I will not teach for different hosts in the same city on one trip, unless with the agreement of both hosts. If you would like to make sure I teach exclusively with you, let’s discuss the impact. I do not make exclusively arrangements in London.

Payment schedule
I will invoice you shortly after the class has taken place and must be paid within 14 days of invoice. Prompt payment is appreciated. Payment must be in GBP by bank transfer or Transferwise, unless by special arrangement. The invoiced amount is the amount I must receive. Exchange rates and transfer fees are the responsibility of the host. If you would like to pay by PayPal or credit card, this can be arranged, but incurs an additional cost of 6%.

I am not currently VAT registered in the United Kingdom, as my earnings are not sufficient to require it. I do have a UTR (Unique Tax Reference) number I can provide you with.

In the unfortunate event that the host needs to cancel, this must be done, at the minimum within:
14 days for a class held within 2 hours travel from London.
31 days, if long-distance/an overnight and/or any foreign travel is involved.
– No teaching fees will be due, but any pre-paid, non-refundable travel arrangement costs paid by me will need to be covered by the host, unless the travel budget was specifically agreed to be sufficient to easily cover costs when booked after the cancellation deadline.
– If host wishes to cancel closer to the agreed class date, 50% of the agreed fee will be due, plus any pre-paid, non-refundable travel arrangement costs paid by me. These will be due immediately.
– If I need to cancel, no class fees will be due from the host.
– If teaching is arranged after the cancellation deadlines, no cancellation is possible.
– Lack of correspondence and details from you, puts you at risk of appearing to cancel my teaching, for which you will be responsible.
– On occasion, it may make sense to arrange a deposit. I would hope that you would never make me so nervous about whether I will receive payment that I would need to invoice you and expect payment in advance of teaching, in order to feel secure going through with our plans.
– When a number of classes have been booked by one host as part of a visit, it is not possible to cancel individual classes, as the full plan was what made travelling for the visit viable.

Once everything is confirmed and I have the go ahead, I will help by posting the class dates in the ‘Upcoming Events’ section of my website: https://www.annamaltz.com/upcoming-events/
I will publicise the class via my social media and appreciate reciprocal publicity from you.

Advertising and filling the class is the responsibility of the host. My network is good, but doesn’t fill classes without your promotion and enthusiasm. You should be confident I am the right fit for your audience.

A contract, provided by you, that is clear and easy to understand for us both, and is mutually beneficial, should follow our initial discussions and negotiations. In the absence of any further contract, this Teaching Outline forms the basis of my agreement with you. Do address any questions or concerns you have with what is written here, in my Teaching Outline, as otherwise I shall need to assume you are happy with my set up. Our correspondence and conversations will form an additional part of our agreement.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Can you tell I write knitting patterns? 😉 I look forward to discussing things further together.