Stockist Arrangement

Stockist Arrangement


Wholesale rate for books is 40% discount off cover price/standard advertised price.

Marlisle: A New Direction in Knitting
Cover price:
£21.50 (wholesale price £12.90)
$28.50 (wholesale price $17.10)

Penguin: A Knit Collection
RRP: £18.50 (wholesale price £11.10, special offer £9.25. This is a 50% rather than 60% discount on RRP – I need some space in the studio.)


5 item minimum, per title, per order to receive the wholesale rates.


For those curious about the optimum amount of books to order in relation to efficiency and the packaging I have, I have now worked out some sweet numbers. These are based on the dimensions of a Marlisle book (two copies of Penguin can take the place of one Marlisle). In regards to postage, it is always more economical to send a single box, rather than multiples. You are most welcome to order any number of books (over 5) that you want and I will pad out the box to bring it up to the next size, safely. However, the efficient numbers for packing are:


  • Postage to be paid by stockist.
  • Order sent once payment is received.
  • Orders are sent via whichever service offers the best deal at the time for speed, safety and tracking. This often comes with some insurance, but you should specify if you want full insurance.
  • Where small orders are sent via Royal Mail for economy within the UK, please be aware that this is an untracked service. I will be able to confirm that I brought your parcel to the Post Office, but cannot guarantee delivery.
  • Sadly, I cannot take responsibility for lost packages, but thankfully nothing has ever been lost (touch wood) that couldn’t be tracked down. Of course will help in trying to work out what’s going on, if something doesn’t go to plan. If tracking and/or insurance are essential for you, let’s arrange that before sending.


When you have placed your order, I will invoice you the total, including postage and give payment details.

Payment method options:
UK: GBP (by UK bank transfer).
USA: USD by US bank transfer or cheque (sent to UK).
Elsewhere: GBP (by bank transfer or Transferwise).

Invoiced amount to be received by me, regardless of exchange rate and transfer fees.

I am currently not set up to receive direct payment in currencies other than GBP and USD.

By arrangement, PayPal or credit card payment is an option. 6% will be added to cover the costs.


  • I can provide you with web-ready images of the cover (and some other images of the projects inside).
  • Print books include an individual single-use download code for a PDF copy via Ravelry. This is printed on a sticker towards the front of the book.
  • I publish a list of stockists on my website. Stockists listed by country (by name, location, website address). I try to keep this as up-to-date as possible.
  • I intentionally don’t stock my self-published work through large on-line shops such as Amazon, KnitPicks and LoveKnitting. I don’t think they support the knitting community in the way I’d like to see.  I hope this puts all us independent folks in a better position to make money from what we do.


  • If you have a named designer/author section in your webshop, I would appreciate being part of that selection.
  • Where questions arise from your customers regarding knitting a pattern of mine, ideally you should be their first port of call, as you know each other best. Please refer them to me when you are both stumped, not as default. I am always happy to answer questions.
  • I kindly ask that you don’t undercut the price I sell my book for through my website (except when you hold an occasional discount or sale). I very occasionally offer a discount, but these are very rare.


If we have the good fortune of both being at the same yarn festival or other event, I look forward to seeing you there! I usually attend festivals as a teacher, rather than a vendor, so I would be very open to the idea of visiting your stand for a signing or trunk show, if that was of interest and time allowing.

All of this is absolutely open for discussion. I have tried to lay it out clearly here to make it easier to tell if this works for us both.

Last updated 17 June, 2019.