Lucky 13

Lucky 13

Knitted in Blacker Yarns Shetland 4-ply

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A unisex adult beanie knitted in a simple cable. It is named after the number of cables that traverse it and a bar in San Francisco’s Castro neighbourhood. Knitted from a single 50gr ball of Blacker Shetland 4ply, there’s even enough to make the pompom. The specific colour is called Pure Plum and is overdyed Shetland Grey. It has fitted all the heads that have tried it on with some extra room for those with smaller heads and remaining comfortable on big headed friends. No one with a big afro, beehive or dreadlocks has tried it on, so I’m sure you could find someone it didn’t fit.

The rib section can be knitted on 3.25mm/3US/10UK or 3.5mm/4US/10UK 40cm/16” depending what is easier to come by where you live and whether you like your rib a little looser or tighter. Depending on your personal tension as a knitter, you may need an entirely different needle size, so please do check your gauge.

Instructions are clearly written and have been fully tested and tech edited. They are laid out so that you can print page by page; only the parts you need. There is an extended section with pompom making tips.

The ribbing at the brim merges seamlessly in to the cables that twist their way to a perfect meeting at the crown. It might seem a shame to hide such a perfect top with a pompom, but a good pompom is perfection itself (and you know what’s under it)!

Now to decide who will be lucky enough to receive it …

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 10 cm